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How much do invisible dog fences cost?

"So, how much does an Invisible Fence cost?" is usually the first question I heard from potential clients when I was a pro installer. That's not much of a surprise, since many pro brands are kind of secretive about how much they charge.

Honestly, I can't tell you how much an Invisible Fence will cost you, since Invisible Fence brand products are only sold by regional installers who each determine their own pricing. However, I can help you approximate how much a pro-installed dog fence should cost in your area. I can also help you determine how much a DIY dog fence will cost you over its life (hint: more than just the hardware figures into your cost).

Keep reading for more information on both of these topics!

Do-It-Yourself Dog Fence

Tips for estimating cost

Hardware: While the hardware you purchase for your DIY dog fence isn't the only cost of installation, it certainly is the most expensive. That said, customers often get frustrated when comparing dog fence brands because it's not an "apples to apples" analysis — the features offered in each brand are often markedly different. In other words, that "cheap" system isn't always so cheap once you buy the extra devices that are already included in another brand.

I can make it easy for you, though! Here's what you need to know:

  • Lightning Protection: If your base system doesn't include built-in lightning protection, you'll need to add a separate device (like this Panamax) to protect both your home and your dog fence hardware.
  • Wire: If, like most DIY dog fences, your system includes thin, stranded wire, you should seriously consider an upgrade. If you don't, you'll spend lots of time and money down the road finding and fixing unnecessary wire breaks. So, go ahead and buy solid-core 14-gauge wire from a wire specialty store. The cost will depend on how much area you intend to contain, but will definitely be worth the initial expense!
  • Battery Backup: You really only need a battery backup  if the electrical power in your area is particularly unreliable.

Batteries: Don't forget that every dog fence receiver (the device your dog will wear on its collar) requires batteries to work. Some fences require expensive proprietary batteries, while others use standard-issue batteries you can find cheaply almost anywhere. Either way, plan to replace the batteries in your dog fence collar at least 2-3 times per year.

To conclude, here's a handy little equation you can use to estimate your cost over the life of your system:

  HARDWARE (transmitter, receiver)
+ 20 Batteries (2 per year x 10 years)
+ Lightning Protection (optional)
+ Upgraded Wire (optional)
+ Battery Backup (optional)


Pro-Installed Dog Fence

Tips for estimating cost

Figuring out how much a DIY invisible dog fence costs is really simple. Estimating your cost for a pro-installed dog fence (like Invisible Fence, Pet Stop, or DogWatch) is a different story, because the price usually varies from installer to installer, even within a single brand. So, while I can't tell you exactly how much a pro-installed dog fence will cost you, I can give you some tips to make sure you get the best price possible in your area.

TIP #1: Make sure you get a cost estimate in writing before your installer gets to work. That estimate should include line items for each of the following:

  • Hardware: Make sure you understand exactly how much your installer is charging for your transmitter and receivers. While the cost will likely be higher than you would pay for a DIY dog fence, it shouldn't be astonishingly higher.
  • Wire: Your installer should charge a set amount for each foot of wire he or she installs. I used to charge about $.60 per foot, which included the cost of 14-gauge, solid-core wire.
  • Warranty: Hopefully, your hardware with come with a standard lifetime warranty, but that's not always the case. Make sure you understand the length and terms of your warranty and whether it comes with an additional cost.
  • Training: Your pro installer should start the training process for your dog, and also teach you how to finish training after he or she leaves. Also, you should expect at least 6 months of free, onsite training support to answer any additional questions that arise.
  • Battery Plan: Every dog fence receiver requires batteries to operate. Make sure you understand whether your dog fence requires standard batteries that you can find cheaply at a local store, or whether you must purchase expensive proprietary batteries on a "battery plan" from your installer. You can actually find the answer to this question for every major pro brand by simply reading the product reviews on this site.

  HARDWARE (transmitter, receiver)
+ Batteries
+ Lightning Protection
+ Professional Grade Wire
+ Training Support
+ Battery Backup (optional)


TIP #2: Shop around! It's likely that more than one pro dog fence installer services your area. In fact, you may have representatives from Invisible Fence, DogWatch, and Pet Stop available to serve you. If so, call every installer and ask for a price quote; then, compare the prices and features for each product, and negotiate when possible.

Did this article answer your question? If not, Google the keyword phrase "invisible fence cost " to learn more:

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